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South Georgia Heritage Trust
Stromness Manager's Villa Conservation Project

Created for the launch of the fundraising campaign to conserve the Manager's Villa at Stromness in South Georgia, where Ernest Shackleton, Frank Worsley and Tom Crean knocked on the door and sought refuge following their epic sea journey from Elephant Island and a 36-hour non-stop trek across South Georgia’s mountainous snow-covered interior after their ship, Endurance, was crushed and sunk in the Antarctic ice. Narrated by TV presenter and historian Dan Snow, who was a member of the Endurance22 expedition which discovered the resting place of Shackleton’s famous ship, the film shows never-before seen footage of the Stromness Villa as it is now and the degradation that the ravages of the South Georgia climate have caused over the years. All video footage and stills were shot by the SGHT and specialists involved in the conservation project.

Produced for CCC
Hunter Gatherer is a key partner of the Culture Communications Collective, which combines experience with know-how to deliver strategy, PR & media support, and communication campaigns for the science, conservation, culture and heritage sectors. Hunter Gatherer provides design, digital, video production and live event support to CCC and, likewise, draws on the experience and expertise of the CCC team to strengthen its own capabilities when required.

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Art Lewry, Hunter Gatherer

Dan Snow

Dr Farshid Bonakdar
Rufus Harper Gow
Dickie Hall
Tommy Moore

South Georgia Heritage Trust
Scott Polar Research Institute
Odd Galteland

Art Lewry