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Digital Signage

For the international serviced apartment brand BridgeStreet, Hunter Gatherer created and manages a digital signage solution for use in the lobbys of the properties it operates. Running from RaspberryPi mini-computers, with software and content that can be updated remotely, the screens display real-time information such as the date, time and weather forecast; Instagram feeds, brand, property and partner promotions; videos and property information. As well as content being able to be scheduled to play at any time or date, the look and feel of the screen design changes automatically during the day, with morning, afternoon and evening modes. 

Given the need to keep guests informed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the screens have been an effective tool in communicating how BridgeStreet and its properties are undertaking their duty-of-care responsibilities and keeping guests safe. Elements of the content can also be updated by staff at the property, so messaging can be changed quickly and efficiently. A live, rolling compendium of the property screens also plays in BridgeStreet's offices in Washington DC and London.

We have worked with many different digital signage systems in the past. This one, using the YoDeck platform, has impressed us most as it is easy to deploy and use as well as being incredibly cost-effective.