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Chichester Cathedral
Online services

Chichester Cathedral and the Dioscese of Chichester turned to Hunter Gatherer to help deliver online services and livestreams as soon as the COVID-19 lockdown was put in place. Adapting to restrictions and streaming from the twelfth century chapel in the Bishop's Palace as well as the Cathedral itself, Hunter Gatherer created a significant amount of pre-recorded content including readings, musical pieces and scenes from around the cathedral, as well as streaming services live as they took place. Hunter Gatherer also provided technology and training (using Vimeo streaming and Mevo camera technology) to enable clergy to deliver content daily. We also took the opportunity to focus on some of the Cathedral's worsk of art, such as Graham Sutherland's Noli Me Tangere, the centrepice of the altar in the Mary Magdalene Chapel.

"Art sought to understand what we were trying to achieve. He made skilful and imaginative use of our visual and audio resources. Above all,  he was patient with our meandering ideas and endlessly good humoured." The Right Reverend Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Hunter Gatherer created special programming for Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday) and Pentecost as well as Sunday Eucharist services from the Cathedral from when public access was allowed. In July 2020 we also delivered Chichester Cathedral's first livestreamed wedding. Analytics for the livestreams for Holy Week show 1,522 live views, 8,477 total views and 35,925 impressions with viewers in the UK, US, Canada. Germany and Australia as well as India, Thailand, Cyprus, France and South Africa.

As well as ensuring technical challenges were overcome (in particular with audio quality), our focus has been very much on the achieving the right approach and tone of voice for the Cathedral by working closely and collaboratively with the clergy and digital team. This included the training of clergy and rectors on operation of regular livestreams.

"Art was instrumental in ensuring that our live-streamed services from Chichester Cathedral were offered to the highest standard. This was an area in which we had no experience: Art was able calmly and expertly to ensure our broadcasts were of the highest quality." The Very Reverend Stephen Waine, The Dean of Chichester.

Hunter Gatherer continues to support the Cathedral with future events and livestreams. We are also continuing to enhance and refine flexible and agile livestreaming solutions that do not require a large budget or crew to deliver, but deliver high-quality experiences.