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Highgate Cemetery
Landscape and architectural competition launch film

Highgate Cemetery is internationally-known for its unique and enchanting atmosphere and as the resting place of many well-known people, from Karl Marx, George Michael and Malcolm McLaren to Lucien Freud, Christina Rossetti and Douglas Adams. In 2020 Culture Communications Collective (CCC) worked with the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust (FOHCT ) to promote its 25 year plan to conserve and enhance this magical site for future generations, launching two major landscape and architectural competitions for the Trust. As content producers for CCC, Hunter Gatherer created the film to launch the communications campaign as well as supporting videos profiling the four Landscape Competition finalists with remotely-recorded interviews. We also designed and managed content for the competition website and provided b-roll from our location shoot for media and broadcasters.

Art Lewry, Hunter Gatherer

Dan Parkes

Ethan Parker

Dan Parkes