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BridgeStreet film

As part of our re-branding of international serviced apartment company BridgeStreet, we produced a 60 second film to be used in presentations, exhibitions and online. The aim was to convey the essence of the brand while communicating the benefits that BridgeStreet brings – with brief snapshots into people's lives in their apartments and living life in the city. Shot in HD, in tandem with the stills shoot in London and New York, a range of scenarios covered BridgeStreet's three tier offer and diverse customer base. We needed a strong, unique and international house style for the new still and moving imagery we created for BridgeStreet so we brought in photographer Tyson Sadlo and his team to shoot it. Using the brilliant Canon 7Ds we could be sure that the moving footage matched the stills perfectly, ensuring consistency across all media – one of the reasons we have achieved such a strong look for BridgeStreet.

Actors were cast in New York and London to play BridgeStreet guests while apartments were scouted for the best and most representative locations. With much of the New York shoot taking place in public areas such as Union Square market, Central Park and a wonderful Tuscan bakery in Greenwich Village, permits and permissions had to be sought. As it turned out the New York shoot was a breeze, even though we packed a huge amount into one day. Everywhere we had amazing back-up and support from everyone at BridgeStreet – with some appearing in the film.


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