7 April 2011 - Comments Off on Elephant in the room?

Elephant in the room?

One of the first questions we ask a client on a new project is not about what they think needs to be said, but rather what is currently going unsaid. We believe that effective and open communication must involve a good dose of truth and transparency and being brave enough to invite the elephant in the room on to the stage and give him a microphone.

So, while we ask a lot of questions of our clients before we even start to think about solutions, we encourage them to ask what their people, stakeholders, clients or market think – good and bad. Letting participants have their say before, during and after an event not only informs the content development but also, inevitably, improves the outcomes. Also, fact that you have given people the opportunity to say what they think speaks volumes and demonstrates that they can help shape the way forward and be truly engaged in your future.

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